Monday, July 13, 2009

two stoops over Pateley

overlooking Guisecliffe at about 3am
like a crane extended over the blue black
leaning out
I would like to suggest we abseil down
into the lost world
it's wet and hot down there
it's steep
maybe we can deal with hot
wet and steep
with North West Eliminate reared above us
it's tricky in the dark
that first traverse

but then you are on the arete
it's juggy and bright in the light
of a headtorch
cobwebs everywhere
sharp V of an arete
legs astride
a cheval
headlights beaming

some of those holds move
when you pull them

there's a little area on top
where I thought we could sit
looking down looking out
across dark Pateley
like little drunken godrats
in the gritstone
and grass

drinking watching the sunrise
kick itself right back up the hillside


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love where you are at with your words at the moment. Man, I love this.

Now if some guy suggested this to me as a first date then hey I might consider not remaining single haha