Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jesus Army

around 3am some soldiers from the Jesus Army
find a 22 year old girl on acid crying in a ditch
at Glastonbury Festival

by 7am they have persuaded her to embrace Jesus
and be saved

at 9am they gather
and she and others are baptised
in an oil drum of water sprinkled with Oxo

she comes up spluttering and shocked
and the Jesus Army claps and cheers

Alice is now one of them
still coming down off acid
she looks cold and unbefriended

last night the guy shouts
Alice was on a trip
this morning
she's on a new trip


if you say anything about this
the Jesus Army Security
come and take your arms
move you
away from the scene

Alice don't need you no more

they keep going
slam dunk
all morning saving
with Oxo & Cold Water

it's a pretty thin gravy
they are drowning people in


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