Sunday, July 05, 2009

giants dance under the waves

don't look at me like that

what story are you trying to tell?
I can't help but hear drumming

why the silence anyway?

how do you feel about your mother?

okay I just said that
because I couldn't think

how do you feel about crows then?
do they crawl inside you and eat things?

is that too invasive?

why are you slapping the chair?

here's a story a man was typing on a computer
and an insect a tiny tiny thing was crawling
over a key that he wanted to hit

he was in a quandary because he was a kind man
who didn't like to kill things

a giant suddenly shifted itself from the paint
and masonry of the room in which he sat
for a moment it bore down upon him
it didn't grab him it just vanished
though he was left with the idea
that it could have grabbed him

this doesn't relate to the insect in the sense
that to the insect the man
was a giant
it just happened and left him confused
watching the little speck crawling

god only knows where these things go to

outside there were fireworks for Eid
he felt himself close up slightly
with each explosion
though he tried hard not to be racist

somewhere in his knees he thought
there was something locked away

to do with his mother
to do with fireworks or


Eid mubarak
he thought
rail travel is the future
maybe powered by high-flying balloons
maybe not that exactly but
the wind anyway must be utilised
in any future reality

at this point he paid the kind man

he was in a pretty terrible state
down the old stairs that were collapsing
into the river


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