Sunday, July 22, 2007

quickening (in parataxis)

—two years old—folded up still—like wings, wings in a chrysalis—furled, maybe that's the word—looking out, yes—laughing, of course (ha ha ha)—crying too, of course—still folded, coiled up—animal-unknowing,all that—three and a half/four better—more like it, better—first time flies out—little bird, scared, of course scared—high branches etc—dizzy,sudden swoop there!—recovery, catching—catching self, see—just above dead leaves—litter & hum—forest floor breeze, all that—flies into (own chest)—cave, maybe, myth, all that—dreams in there, you know—story writing itself—ghostly hand at table, likely—like that—woods, wild animal faces, maybe—primates, mostly, wild of dreams—fascinated—size + power + movement, after all—what he is after all, who—now clear memories, floodgates—first moment of love, after all, yes—wind now, wind—up hurtling himself—all starts here like this here—love, memory, who and what—quickening—wind—unfurling—

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