Saturday, July 28, 2007

giant cowslip

stone path to the cascade
through scent of jasmine and high grass
stupa in silhouette with tourists
out there even
on the path to the boathouse
images forming urgently
above the rushing water
a red flower like an alien asshole
or a claw, or a crab
all of these
I try to take in macro
but shake too much
time runs past
along the river
rattling the trees
flattening the water
on the stones
whipping up petals
into my face
lowing on up the slopes
down which strangers come running
to catch the sunset
against the Buddha's profile
but I don't think Buddhism is a peaceful thing
a sunset a flower a breeze a calm lake
I think it is the war of all things
at all times
and carving a hole in it
with the most vicious weapons available.

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