Saturday, July 14, 2007

killing poem

killing someone must be something else
you do it slowly
stand in front of the chosen-at-random victim
and tell him what's happening
maybe you have a gun
maybe you have him wired up to a bomb
either way you tell him
you're deciding whether to kill him
tell him that he is a whole world,
that he knows nothing beyond his own nervous system
that the sky the stars the earth
are all contained within himself
tell him this: The vast circular night of the cosmos
is all contained within your skull motherfucker

and that you might just snuff it all out
for no reason other than the mighty caprice
of a killer
then you can do what you want
do it, watch him die confused
or walk away in an act of godlike compassion
either way you are all-powerful
a destroyer of worlds
limping home through the rain
in a funny hat

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