Tuesday, March 17, 2015

when I was all a elephant says you

It's you, it's you. It's always been you
and it's always been in you—The Funloving Criminals

everything will break all systems
will corrupt and fly
pie it was known for its innards
in Liverpool of all, naked one
corrupt and vagabond
for yes it's you it's you
Jesus, you might say
my fly pie will die

the lonely. then he stuck
the french prussik below
the descender and nearly became
fly pie himself down there on the rusty rails
at Hodge Close imagine the sense
of nearly dying like that for

tomorrow for the cutting
and removal how wayward
of these secretions to fill holes
left by musculature detaching
one's elephantine belief in fishgods
or other for how is such imperfection

the work of the omnipotent
and benign?even toothache
says no or else malign.or eek
what a sick burden of humour

[but there are iambs and counterbids
the world holds
it holds for a while]

it's quite a thing looking back
but whatever we say of hardship
of the primitive
will be said of us soon

the fry writhe with life

and in such spaces we love


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