Tuesday, March 03, 2015

poem for Lif

the first purple crocuses
hence will burn in the wind
with language unabate

sick it up a little tiny

it is not April or lipreading

this is in anyway tribute
to one day
where the bad slick
was all but no not nearly
all or if so then the entire

history of everything

maybe now none of us
can make it
all of us jumping always
singing as we fall

all we got then
us falling heroes
ripping at ourselves
watching it zoom up
doors bang bang bang
as we go

I want the best thing ever for you

all my love for what could
all we got left
is everything

it's written now
we is what surviveth
through the window

other worlds everywhere

.lilacs bred up from the cold

looking up like babies
clouds into the future

yes, just say yes
and fall into the sunlit place

we'll all be there
all of us

we all promise


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