Wednesday, March 11, 2015

many worlds theory

at your elbow the downtrodden
at your cough the desist
oh look another spark oh look
how we shift
there is here/there another
this is the astro=stronomy of cool
relationships at every other (cough)
a new snake slide up
into the outser
what miracules then what freaks
it appears
watch youself pirouettes on skeins
of cold and hot
children... oh lawks childs above and below
well who'da and what little spiracles
what true eyes what hid hud in the hair
like unto Huck down tha river
and the cannons thereafter
floating up bread for the undead beginnings
of the next crash all lights on
the crazy gin what just jumped

it your time
jump not in but on

this your new riverbank religion
believe real and hard


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