Friday, February 17, 2012

one electric cello senses its other shape

one phantom swell      that gulfs from the deepst
that played or foundered as feld/spa for its innate.exate.rotunda
see whaT I coulda BEEN only was a for this habit see how ex/inquisite

a tiny flower along the path look how
everything has become different
since the quartzes move in

[of a suddenly] /the/why do black people say question
moves in the steepswells of.hack.hack the throat of this
the throat and the culvert the ulvert and verte—the o-vert of like this:

you have no game, Joe, you, you
have no game, not no more that was
your phantom swell like a dipper that went nowhere

that turned bad that cooked down into frass and sea kale
two hares dancing the crepuscule think of that
the other place glimpsed from afar in momentary light

some scattered gorse and a certain quality of grass
can it only be the creation the creature of light and not-light?
these are vistas or vectors the oceanic cow-swells of geology

underlying but putting forth through inflence or subtle influenza
the heft and curdle so deeply sexual all that fur and skin
but for now for now only this—for everything really is intransitive

[as Ruskin sensing a malaria seeping from the industry centres
the sex dead or dying aloft tingeing through tropospheres]

in its deep unconnection.or maybe not not

no, imagine nothing


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