Tuesday, February 28, 2012

in the sinking dead places submarine tube-hats quite the new thing

a man in the torpedo tube breaks oh his kneecap silence

it takes sixteen hours
to find him
[killing at least thirty people[]
I'd have fired him out of there
like a human cipher/cigar/UFO/father/moustache/Guinea
(in some areas it's beginning to look (hard)

as though the tents were never there)
let him breathe briefly though before
the subsummation
when the waves. the recoil, the hammerhead
of underwater love and the incoming Big Wave Face
throw him a thousand feet/foot into the air
in wild shakes of rainbow
what now what now, he cries
I am agape and aloft all my things
are as after a fire in the engine room

falling soft into the surf
oh yeah we say again we say

we look at him broken on the beach
the whole vessel floating adrift
and what we see
and what we hear

a small plume from the V
a scratch when first you stroke
goosebumps and shaving
knocked out its generators

see what we see
hear what we hear

this isn't just death any more


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