Friday, February 17, 2012

hundreds of men burned alive trapped in cells

this is all somehow

feral and dangerous—that fifteen minutes of appraisal
and the engine running let's go get wasted let's get shitfaced let's
pretty much spill and die I sleep on your rooftop at night dressed
as a bat or rat or other nocturna your roof sags now
from so much anxiousness and she next door with too much

[some sharing occurs—fleurs for after all it is/was/will be a Valentine's Day]

wine and cricket and all of it so filled with mountains and our little sons
repeating what we are /time in excess/ the red/orange the fiery
tip that is the readout the very tickertape-day the growth-point
of all this and not-this

such beginnings such disastrous conclave a ladder only
the man slithers down in some hurt after all I thought it was

a good film any way they recommend it


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