Friday, October 09, 2009

this vanishing act runs dry

around of midday I arrives at your house
I don't says much
but swans around there in your backyard

all the while fixes you with wild faces
like a goat
suddenly released into a cinema
couldn't find its way out
got angry sat up on stage glaring out at the crowd
like the devil its elf
bleching out fury
Casablanca running like the sea
white and black
across its hairy toggenberg face

O beard of the prophet now sweep down
this could be the beginning of a uh beautiful elation

"such people we saw the like of there
such glory and fineness walking"

yes oh yes we on Sunday visited him
we found him much diminished
in both cognition and physical ability

you have no idea what's happening now

you, I say, you

I stuff your letterbox with petroleum jelly
I will dance hoofing like a wild buffalo on your car

on your doormat you find
an offer of marriage
a broken balloon
but what care I for your goosefeather bed?

oh if only these words
had fallen suddenly like dead sparrows in China
into ponds all over town


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