Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a moth in your mouth a moth oh good god

on the way home from the pub
a guy accosts me
in a alley
a dirty high hat
breathing it up like an alpaca
or some other stern beast
think you are a poet he says
I am going to kill you poet fuck
tell me how the night sky
add up to nothing how the wind
blow everyone apart
tell me biggest secret
you know
thinks you are so special you
stick a gun cold in my eye
tell me tell me or quickly die
I can't help think
this is the great moment
the whole dirty history of poetry
I have the answer ready
always same answer
ooze from everyone's belly
silence beyond everything
for its expression
I got nothing I say
I am just go home in a cold and stiff wind
please don't harm me
or I will herewith uncoil and eat at your whole fucking head
for I am already known as the gravedigger
even amongst the merest flowers

of evil at which he smiles and becomes now my friend
hand in hand we beguile the night
around us buildings collapse softly
we squat together eat butterflies
that druggle in the mouth
both of us glint
like Autumn storms coming in
leaked low & let loose

1 comment:

Anonymous said... the gravedigger amongst the merest flowers -- marvellous (and the break - wow!)

the second part of this poem -- I read over and over and again ...

oh good god