Tuesday, October 06, 2009

teaching a boy /θ/ to enunciate

(the boy with the blue hat under the wailing-tree
finds himself in a wasp world maddeningly abuzz

swirls of dental fricatives hold him electrically crucified
shimmering above the plain
he has therefore no meaning and must withdraw quickly

for into such confusion we sashay like vampires
stopping camp upon the half stair half turned insistent
that this is the music such children made
of what the night
Bela Belial
undone teaching the unboy to enunciate peripheral
phonemes of the edges of the mythos grosso I wanted
to hack my way through dream conquistadores
drift upon high the philosopher's tone
the alkahest)

all of it out of reach drowned in articles
in dense green capillary the delta swoon
silver guitar amazon pirarucu sucking in prey
it has teeth everywhere grinding teeth
it has no language
the trees now deep in black water it waits
in the roots always wakeful

the thing
black as water lapping
waiting always

any real poem should come up close
breathe hard in your face
to murder your family

after that it's as if a boat was cut loose
by drunken strangers at midnight

crashing in your dreams

tomorrow and


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