Saturday, October 17, 2015

older by an idiot (Immaterial Culture) (unfinished otherwise overfinished)(high, heeled posture and bearing)

In September 2006, the U.S. government announced 
it had moved Mohammed—Wikipedia 

[seemingly its entire being in lordus though its vocal response so monomoraic as to appear pulse or spike of the silence which surrounded it than any genuine phonology merely a swell or gathering in of the tacit a rousing almost but not quite a wakening into true utterance]

—the second sunday in june 1144 the first dedication of the arch gothic

(2015, 9/11: 111 people killed when a crawler crane collapses in Mecca during preparations for the Hajj
an inquiry is ordered, presumably into the mysteries of predestiny and the mind of Allah.urgent also numerology)

{In 1912 a group of women calling itself the Heterodoxy begins to convene a Feminist luncheon symposium (one supposes) this association for unorthodox women includes prominent lesbians and will meet regularly in Greenwich Village until the 1940s]

—oh this antipodean retroussé of the language oh it I will not have?¿albeits pointing up of the question innate to every word—'for'

(Every animal is sad after coitus except the human female and the rooster—Galen)

instance the Nazi side-co-opting of astika and nastika

(oh god I want to hidemy side issuesin the useful penumbra of yours ...)
(my side issues forth(in and of itself)In and Of

there are messages come through at long the needle
flickering (ectogasm)

forms around the mouth of the silent --------- between us now declared

older by an idiot
gentlemen, a mystery has been committed—The Goons
in bowls of unspoiled human juice

is that you whose presence so frightful
vague in the evenings in the autumn is that you (who does he mean-
spirited are they both and full of sire

who does he?

who does he imagine how that turns
her vocalization her rhotacism her R-marinaded vowels
revealing a febrile eek tenuous wheel upon the air as one
mid-splutter after a breathing (a wreathing) of smokewater
boarded 183 times (gave up not the goods)

put to T h e Q u e s t i o n

..........................and long)


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