Monday, January 16, 2012

David Cameron does the acid-pig thing at last for real

I think that even if we were washed up together on a desert island
me and David Cameron
thrown together
only each other to augment and cushion our mutual survival
though he may turn out
to be good at hunting wild pigs
after losing a little weight
which will of course happen naturally
given the scarcity of resources
and their seasonal derangement
even if our tropic nights were long and filled with sincerity
even if we took to walking about naked for the heat
and the preservation of our garments
for the projected rescue
and anyway the not-caring
and why should we
if all the other eyes are only those
of little pigs and pineapples?
and even if we talked and argued
and shared ourselves
as two men on an island might
if I discovered that by some miracle
there in my pocket had somehow survived
two tabs of LSD
he would not take one
even if I explained at length
how this might help with the pigs
by allowing us to contact directly the pig spirit
and reach an arrangement
he would not take one

I would feel rejected and belittled by his attitude
and would share no more fucking pigs

he can eat hogweed from now on
he can scavenge down the high-water line for sea potatoes
he will have no more pigs from me
until he relents and gets wild
and does the pig dance all down the beach
with his eyes aflame and his spirit reeling
with gratitude
for the new world of pigs
I have allowed him to enter

I am righteous in this


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