Monday, January 30, 2012

all the things about the wrong rug

sixteen degrees of sex that went nowhere
legs all wet but nothing
you don't know
you don't think he is
camels, antelopes, Islamic signals
a voice from above crying
for crying out loud
what do these animals mean?
at the moment
she's forty seven she can do whatever she wants
a phone ringing under water
a torch in the deep
oh look I meant nothing by it
we've had conversations about it
because it's in black and white
I feel a bit under pressure

all along you
and the way of you
if I had a hammer
I would ring it in the morning
as though ringing
was this way
of breaking open
there is a shell somewhere
that has not yet opened
in which is a tiny child with a tiny hammer
waiting to erupt
to leap forth all ready
everything yes everything
is wrong
but yes, it's a female child
with a female hammer
and her little wild head all ringed with banging clouds
what are you doing with my words
what are you
you doing?


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