Monday, November 21, 2011

vampires in self-help therapy

oh lordy
saw the next door neighbour a thin woman
made all overtures but she fixedly stared elsewhere
perhaps at some vision

of the Undead walking my doctor says you are a monster
by which she means me
you are unwholesome, she says
you will predate upon us regardless of the damage
you may do
yes I say thinking about it, I guess
but we are bad for each other
and have only humans as possible mates
so how about it? me and you, Doc?
I won't bite too hard and then
you will be cursed too
suddenly the clouds will seem nearer
the Sun brighter
the green more vivid
and the shades more intense
sex will improve
you will ache all day to get home
but the deep beneath will grow deeper
you will understand with a wolf-fervour
everything you look at

take this, she says, once a day
for three months

is it I ask a prescription for blood capsules?

no she says, take it anyway
we'll come back to this later

later indeed
me and her watch TV in bed sucking on little Arabian lollipops
both of us mad with desire for air and blood
stroking each other's furry legs and laughing
at the funny humans up there

thin neighbour strangely never etc


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