Wednesday, November 16, 2011

three and sixteen odes to a forgotten entonox

unedited<333>fragment:have you yet come to kill me


filled with uncertain resentment/her demeanour
shifts to new obsession
world now world upon which
to be true that in the heart
of spurted dankness we find only the disease
that this gas and liquid will kill you quicker
than God or what?you have to come now
I'm not he's down here somewhere.shades the best
that could be'll be okay.each day the tendrils
the filaments grow
wings and limbs soon a monster a chimera.the old man
with pipes in the hospital bed rousing the whole ward
with his piping
this surely is what we are in for.incarceration its own
definition and desperate things scurrying deep
dying on TV in the final reality show
before some unspeaking breakfast in bed

now, Ibrahim, say is near dawn
my love my love so silent and inedible
such cries now aghast in the upper air
while all night I have been unpacking
this, the same parrot
over and moreover

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