Wednesday, June 08, 2011

baths of lead

there now that's a strange thing a child like that
wandering alone in the rain with no dog

the man is ill and does not wear a hat

he stalks light, in ways that are hard to describe

if you had the choice would you pluck or stroke?
there is a certain elbows-up dance which is worth it

I have this vision of the vegetative thing

people falling from helicopters

someone climbed the fence at night, broke panes of glass
buried the shards just under
so that gardeners would cut themselves
as they fingered the soil
it is amazing what people do

the robot thinks it is possible to bury shards
of data in ways that will make users cut themselves
in ways that are new cuttings

new glasses grow from the plantings
a man beyond belief lifts his bloody hands
from the digital soil

they do glass like this:
they cool it on beds of colder stuff
lead maybe
they call it float
because it floats

as they do this their visions descend
into something 1100 degrees centigrade

you must understand that everything
rejects this pain

animals of all sorts leap out
during this process
it is a sort of exorcism

at the last
the man with his glass
oh baby
the man
with his glass
puts in the new windows of myth

through which


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