Tuesday, January 04, 2011

snowy fugues in 6/8 time

this inequality of purpose
creates a gyring motion out of which he spins
find himself out of shape, pressed flat, immobile

it is as though a car drives too fast
along a narrow country lane
and you are forced to squeeze yourself
against the hedge
it is as though you came into contact
with a form of energy of a different order
than your own

look into the eyes of someone
who has no interest

know again that your currency
has only marginal value here

that anything can not happen in this denatured tissue

something blew by
looked briefly in at the night window
then moved on full of its reflections

the people in the house stood at the window
for some time afterwards wondering

everything is still and dark and empty outside

whatever it was out there grows more distant
at every moment
in swoops across the fields
where the recent snow melts quickly
and is soon forgotten


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