Tuesday, January 25, 2011

cool nun

I am a monk in a tree
with a gun in my ass

a cool nun holds the trigger

this is nothing but my latest attempt
to enter Space as an amateur

I am Wan Hu and I do this with devotion

of course I fucked her first
plied her with extracts
plied her
and inveigled her into the position

but now get real
my time has come

I love everything
everything is nothing
love is a slight panda that starves
slow and mild and bite unconvinced
I am not unconvinced
I am Wan Hu
my heart is in the stars

sister it is time

our love is of the stars

feed my shattered hide to the pigs
of the monastery of Wan len Fu
his pigs are devoted and will eat with care
midnight flutes will play
along the eastern wall

see my detachments
cool nun


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