Tuesday, September 07, 2010

wild laughter somewhere on the train

this little dropping ash
all of my children are in it
I see them hit the floor and explode

there is nothing I can do to stop this

I feel like a small god asphyxiating
in late sunlight (urgent cries FFS)
thrashing in its own sheets

you can't write the sound
of children exploding


a man from the front carriage hastens
to shake my hand

he makes me furious
I accost him with my tiny umbrella

eventually on the island
I come around to the fact
that it is all over

all night I wash like a coconut
with the waves coming in hard

a dark man is buried in the sand
the waves will uncover him by morning

he is a pirate at least a fetch

the lighthouse sinks acoustic

your language
is a disaster

what anyway is retrofit?

are you mad?

if I had not looked when you looked
and when the train

use this to make your title
i got no use for you fuck



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