Monday, September 20, 2010

oh you know some god that overslept

the server is not well found
look at the details
there at night the air itself at fault
you might imagine some scene of rocking
of the wind and sky travailed
but this is just a politic moment
in which he is flattened like sorghum
oh he cries too much
again I wake with a horse's head
instead of my own
but I am not of these mysteries of castration
though I would love to for a moment occupy
your time machine no no no
even in humanity a hit or miss governor
do you know nothing of mechanics?

after dark she they he all of them lilt like witches
of rivers and crossings
of the soft rains and squawks of doubt

morning eviscerates everything
he shudders soft in his wraps
wonders why he ever started something
that could never be ended

the sun rides him like a hammer

she takes over
she takes cover
she takes coverlets

raise your arms and think of the moon
something has just happened
something just dreadful

all down the Lune River a red streak

some hunched idiot in the rain tends a tiny fire
for years

it goes out
he is bewildered
he totters away

everything goes out now
even the animals go out

there is nothing here

tell you what
someone comes for me after this
they better come
with a storm in the heart
for I am finished with the simulations


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