Thursday, September 03, 2009

posting an application

stuck inside of Mobile—Bob Dylan

put it in she says
there are fields of static whenever I get close
the whole moment fizzes
we wait there with stuff dripping off us
magnet squawk rearrangement woo
I'm spinning
put it in why

better in than out she says

who says there ain't teeth in there waiting
to end all this I ask and she looks in no no teeth she says

just a wide open moment from either end

you don't ask you don't
see the sunrise over Karnac
get off me

the lights came on everyone was there laughing

okay I blew it the old fucking letter game

three nights alone on the tower
with a wet towel
listening to them cavorting below

petting my crow at dawn
I plan to start a cult with teeth
that will pull you up quick
listen mother I will kill your children
you don't stop this magnet woo

please consider me most earnestly for this position
me and my dead candle crow atop

—oo mama can this really be the end?


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