Monday, September 14, 2009

diary entry date mutable (show don't tell

as though boiled water were itself the reagent
of consciousness I have added it to the fungus
though I expect to consume the body itself

when the water is nearly gone
already the sweat starts
but as yet no flying reindeer
I am gripped by the fear that resemblance

has no third party
but sink again into the reassurance that
it can always be described
and that it would be entirely Wittgenstein

to ignore the mathematics of poetry
this and this but look this resembles this
in that its nose is of similar length and hue
its hair is like
come running with a measure

to test the third proposition
this is not an etheric hover

it was observed that the actual host
engendered some nausea
& required some persistence and strength
to swallow
but for the sake of humanity

the thing was done
with only a little spray

thereof one must shout and show
& wieldof always a sauvage umbrella
in the manner of a determined Englishman
who will tolerate no foolishness
from foreign devils


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