Friday, December 21, 2007

Anomie (a beginning)

"I've got a bastard behind the eyes" - Withnail and I

let's look at this again

both ancient and modern
writers seem to oscillate

(thirty years of the same crisis)
(you'd think they'd get dead)
(bored banging the bedhead like cats)
(drowned in the same pond)
(nine times nine times nine times nine)

1. open the hatch look inside
never sure what you will see

(he can see "wonderful things")
(don't tell him anything yet)

2. sometimes you almost laugh

3. then you see the little lights
—they're still there...

bions?Brownian motion?dead things?spirits?what then?

(he thinks he sees. don't tell him.)

faced. with this.
anomic space
the issue is to abolish. the restrictions

[["the words[_______]had the force of law"

see the little lights
—they're still there
(still) (a bastard)(behind)(there)
(the eyes)(there)(still)

see the little lights?
they're still there

they're still there?

thirty years—drowned—crisis—little lights
—thinks, only thinks—wonderful things, cursed things—
nine times—tell him nothing

let's look at this again


Henry said...

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Jobove - Reus said...

very good to blog, congratulations

salutations from Catalonia Spain

Anonymous said...

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P.S. Are the title of the post words from Fernando Pessoa, the portuguese poet?! That's because i´m portuguese, and i'm pretty convinced he write something like that...

Steve said...

Not sure which words you mean. If you mean the 'Nothing is true...' then that comes from Hassan i Sabbah, who dates from around 1100 AD, if I remember correctly.

Thanks for dropping by anyway.

Steve said...

Thanks to all for commenting anyway. I'll be sure to check out your blogs.