Sunday, December 09, 2007

New Executive Orders

Reichstag thermite blah
white hot in the ruins of recount
of a democratic party late in the day
and the barbecue just cold ash
(many inconvenient truths)

(the false-flag (Iwo Jima? Ground Zero?)—
of the fathers—Toratoratora!Atta! Atta!
Our Allfather Hiroshima
(the well where words wither)—)

"total wipeout in 2008 of Republican..." you believe this
Pearl Harbour Blah Pearl Necklace
a spurt of new executive orders
that they'll let this happen
already in place about all our necks
(Martial Law/Scooter Libby/The Bohemian Grove)
like they won't do something?

(Get this burning issue off me!)

"you could sense something was gonna blow
question was what and who"

(a rigged explosion in democracy
- the falling man)
"Something's in the works," he stated,
"in the works...Chertoff has predicted them."

Habeas Corpus, Port Authority
the thing that penetrated the Pentagon
clearly had no wings

(and get this: the world watched in horror already in place)

like everyone their own twin tower now, rigged to blow
(Published in Cause & Effect Magazine Jan 2008)

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