Sunday, June 14, 2009

rough guide

ugg a catastrophic scarab
a dung beetle
my cigarettes just crashed
rattling upon the floor
the world flew all into pieces
the chair legs
the windows
sent us rolling
in the surf and the roar
the skegs did doze
like fleeces
prolapsed under the tolling
if I was an Arab
I'd say the street'll
get you hashed
battling for more
there were weasels
there were weasels
in the verve and uproar
in old dark CaIRO
IN old durk cairO
the fucking divvil I am
he says breathing hard contorts
these late night sorts
old style flicknife in my chin
buy my heroin
give me your cheques
I have no fear
this year
from the polis
mister three trees
mister three
for one
my sister
young boy fuckhash gong
yours taxi moment kung fu blowjob
dark spread spread burger mango juice

you wait


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