Sunday, June 21, 2009


I didn't know if the penis sheath
would work
would be considered acceptable
by the guys
but they took it in good spirit
we moved on

by lunchtime it was hardly noticed
though one old feller clasped my arm
and for a moment things whirred
around us
as if we were antennae
downloading a storm far away
channelling a storm far away

into a map awash with tears
so grey
I must bray

I held him back with my amulets
I clutched at him there
shaking things in his face
don't you know I cried
don't you know
that this is not the time?

It all seemed to smell a little
as though ghosts had walked here
stinking by as they sometimes

neither of us really knew anything

now it was over
I was again a whale or more

how did you ever could you
he said think this would work
like the boys wouldn't notice

now this and not this
is a whale
of a time
a penis sheath aristotle-onassis
pull up a chair and wriggle, bro
here-have a seminal fluid
tailcock at death's door

this is a whale of a time
about to happen

this is the place
where all doors fail


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