Sunday, April 19, 2009

the only reason for believing is that someone told you it was true

nothing changing is itself an event
happening at a different time like that in fact
an impossibility though something to do
with continuity is appropriate as metaphor
alchemy you know sometimes involved
repetition of the same operation over
& over with nothing changing but the time
i hate to use the quickening thing but some
sense somehow of the eventful continuity
must be present to take it elsewhere go off
tangentially look you idiot if dinosaurs
had shared hunting habitat with humans they
would have been a defining presence
written into every human history not in hints
but large & loud the many deaths the importance
that everyone live behind high walls no one
could live in a hut or a cave Rameses II on his
way to do battle would have seen his army picked off
by vast predators each night & if he did then
he kept it secret so this in itself then becomes
an alchemical thing the repetition the sameness
the fact that i have performed this masturbatory act
six million times & not yet brought back one whole child
from the flames from history from my personal oubliettes alive
next time next time next time next time
it won't just be all bluster & ritual but something
will issue will well up from the rear of the black dragon
the putrefaction itself will send out dispatches
to the effect that we are nearing a new shore
birds have been sighted through cloudbreaks
after forty five years adrift convinced only that not knowing
was always our best hope of attaining knowledge
no i won't eat from this damn table crawling with lies

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