Friday, April 03, 2009

gilgamesh runs hard for the border

listen i don't mind what you do
long as it was you who decided
to do it
look now trails of ectoplasmic muck
all the way back down the streets
feel your way like a lost cave
diver soon out of air
we wore caps and shorts
we heard about Thor Heyerdahl
came wincing in from the spray
60 years old wishing his Micronesia
his brain damage Neander Valley
had been cooler less Thor more dahl
less O the swells O where they feel O
blow wey hey blow the man down
in their testicles direction sunbeat
surviving now off the offerings of dorados
triggerfish the upbeat wellings red of nekton
to liverpool town one in & 1 out
orienting themselves out there
to their own little hearts that shuffle
always in the gut above and below
fucking is only the continuation of diplomacy
by other means oh look a great spray rises
amidst our cavorting will we ever
ever such a spray
know in our lives

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