Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a possible misunderstanding of vampires

I saw a thing on TV a guy laid out his dick on the table
for it to be cut off and eaten by a German cannibal
apparently he screamed well you know given
the circumstances who would not but the reason
the analysis the flicker here is that of A Man who
had lost his brothers early and now required this
extreme intimacy in order to get high on his
friendships but you know I lost my brother quite
early and didn't eat anyone's dick for it in fact
would have struggled to get it down really even
on a desert island after many days without food
I'd rather eat kelp or some shit like that
than cold dead dick


Anonymous said...

eat some dick THEN talk about it. are you really taumatised enough, or should i just count in the fact that you are writing about eating a severed cock? iF so: take care of your shit, AND ADD PUNCTUATION.

Steve said...

Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.