Sunday, January 11, 2009

There is a light; the problem is there is no tunnel—Shimon Peres

If we do this then this might follow. The ultimate objective is the evocation of myth in the collective unconscious. The myth in this case is that of the mission and the manifest destiny of the American Nation.

What is true is irrelevant, is subordinate to the myth and the destiny. It is of the blood and the soil of the soul that we sing.

This is the reality of the future. Few humans can grasp this reality. Our purpose is to guide the ignorant into their future selves, into their destiny. It is unnecessary for them to understand.

We are the saviours of the spiritual song of America. We are the vanguard, we are the American Al Qaeda birthing the future. We are the
guardians of the soul of America

—Neopsalm not by Paul Wolfowitz

[[[Does anyone see the last gasp of the US Neocons in the unbridled assault by Israel on the Palestinians? What better way for the Wolfowitz gang to try to make their lies come true than by throwing even more petrol on the fire and further radicalising the Umma? Get the Islamic world angry enough, and a heck of a lot of people will believe (all over again) that there is no choice other than to invite the Neocons (or their heirs) back just to survive. They might still get that new Pearl Harbor they wanted so badly. What better way than a little 'covert' war at the very epicentre of the wound that is still spreading resentment across all of Islam?

Was anyone surprised when the US didn't vote for a ceasefire at the UN meeting? Of course they didn't. It would never have happened if Israel hadn't been absolutely assured that the outgoing US administration was behind it 100%. And of course it had to happen right now, while they were *still* sure about that. It might not be so certain in a few days time. How typical of this US administration to leave with a last grenade thrown into all our futures.

So what a cute little parting gift for Obama. Does he support Israel in this? Does he support the oppressed Palestinians? The world is watching. If he's got any sense he'll be wondering how in hell he's going to deal with the probable escalation in resentment and extremism and Islamism and general ill-feeling that this latest act of covertly transparent bi-lateral madness will entail. Right now he seems scared to speak, though he did make one inept comparison the other day, in which he stated that if his neighbour was throwing bombs at his house and killing his kids he'd do anything in his power to make it stop. "Wouldn't you?" he asked... The sentiment is understandable, but the only rational answer of course is that that should depend upon exactly what is in one's power.

As all too often with America, Israel is showing itself yet again prepared to use whatever is in its power, irrespective of proportion or foresight or wider consciousness. Let's hope that when Obama finally gets hold of all this he shows some awareness that he now has rather more in his power than just weaponry and brainwashing, and hope equally that he can figure out how to access it and how to wield it]]]

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