Saturday, November 01, 2008

wild dogs learning to fly (for Alfie and me and the moment)

dog came over two fences
sunny day and everyone laughing
came bounding
young Pit Bull full of fun
jumped up at my little boy
nutted him hard
all in zest all in exuberance
nearly broke his nose
figure it weighed about 8 stone
he weighed 4
and he just didn't have the attitude
for this nasal crushing
this attack
didn't want to be seen to cry
not in front of the neighbours
and the dog
so he burrowed into me
into my leg
and shook
while I held him
and held the dog
and the steam train
blew past
and the sky was pretty blue
and from someone's window
a paper aeroplane
headed down

and we followed it
into the dust
all of us wide-eyed
except the dog

just didn't get it
kept jumping
like a fool making faces
all this transcendent moment

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