Tuesday, November 25, 2008

forever on ghost highways looking always to the left for the jumping shadow that follows behind hedgerows

let's get this straight

the dawn only half came up
and anyway i was intoxicated utterly
there in that doorway
while the water kept rising

O you cried you stupid

is there any way out of such things

I didn't know, didn't claim to know

but the night

from afar missives of pain
shook their way in

you know how that fucking squawks

new worlds folded here
while we didn't sleep

now at the end of it
grey tides roll in
and we sit apart
with little to say

death he said death, look
just like that
and I looked sideways
not wanting to look damn it

all up the wall there, death
crawling on little legs
like creeping cream


Anonymous said...

'but the night'

O how their bodies entwined
all a meshes of flesh and skin

beating breathing

her waning crescent
again and again.

and O how his soul
poured into her

delights of a lost body

Steve said...

That's a poignant and passionate poem. I like it.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, this is a shock! I wasn't expecting to see this! ha wtf

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that means a lot. It is part of the poem I mentioned, that I sent to the States! I have revised it as per their recs and I am slightly pleased with it, in fact I think I was wearing a hint of a Mona Lisa smile last night!

Anonymous said...

If I manage at some point to develop a back bone, I may send you the full poem, and you can give it a good 'bashing'

Steve said...

Well it doesn't need much of a bashing. And I sure wouldn't critique it without an invitation. I might change a few bits but not too much. It's a nice poem.

Anonymous said...

You are invited. Please do.