Monday, September 24, 2007

Homunculus - notes for a poem

I'm sharing
giving him the passwords
the codes and ciphers
the salutes and signs
the shibboleths
even the redundancy, the vital

nuancial redundancy of pause
repetition, inarticulation
stammer that emotes

and the breathing, the required
facial arrangement
the analogues
the postures
and poses

the whole bundle

inviting him to join in
become like us
clothed in magic
accomplished and present

arriving, incarnate in language
in motion and process
all of it transferring

this transfer, this ongoing
play of bestowal
and ushering

call it



1 comment:

J.R.Pearson said...

Hi Steve,
I like this new outline of sorts. The pic IMO adds a lot to the poem. I added this to "Stumbleupon"....also i started my own blog and if u have any tips on loading pics, adding sites, or developing an audience, lemmme know.