Wednesday, July 10, 2019

twenty-three minutes to seven

평안한 잠 · 정선원: Really, nothing further ought to have been said
Madeleine Shine

a watchdog with the acumen
to keep the Russians in the picture

of a new struggle, a dismal day
the implications of a no deal contributing

to the poor mood, looking for a clear sign
with the degree of urgency it has stretched

itself too far behind the curve on the second day
—so very little to indicate the number of people

whom smoking declines by 2030—we are committed
to important factors (we all breathe 

at the moment (a US-style levy? a very clever
grass court game in an hour's time trouble

and strife)(—the first man on the moon
this Saturday afternoon vying to become

a head to head debate a row with October 31st
in sight to compel same sex marriage except

where the mother's life is at risk of losing
all credibility—setting a strong example

but needs to do more threatening the highest
ratings the worst performing the uranium ambassador

spoke of constant pressure to ensure ministers
are promising change refusing to say whether

our man in Washington was one of the moments
when Mr Johnson refused to equivocate if

a narrow margin matters the key killer blow

your top come what may
not have a grip on detail the only thing he

believes matters as the hamster wheel of gloom [BJ]
—defeatism, managerialism—confirmed in their view

of a welcome breath where both men seem
absolutely in lockstep on the other hand

of the real dividing line and has been 
throughout project fear in a quarter

of an hour it is twenty-three minutes to seven
what are they trying to achieve in the effort

to shine a global spotlight?



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