Saturday, August 05, 2017

some huge bright day

in a stolen open-top car
we drive towards a cliff edge
and I ask her
to marry me
for as long as it takes
for a blowjob maybe
or to change her name
change everything
and both of us sharing a bottle
of something
pass it back, I say
for we might never hit
maybe she says
when we hit the bottom
but not fucking before
I need to see commitment
and it's her turn with the bottle
as we go over, laughing
yes she says,
yes, to this
down through the low clouds
the trees, the whipping branches
that break the windscreen
that lacerate our wild, bloody faces
pass it back, I say. it's now or never
got to be joking, she says
crackling through the broken radio
that was your last shot ever
and I look
and seriously no one is there
last thing I hear
is nothing
laughing like the sky
far above
where birds now gather


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The nothing is tragically deafening