Friday, May 05, 2017

Clare de la lune

not like it's real anyway she or they
sat next to with their her but i thought
stupid i thought it was or were or might
but have to say and stutter that this or these
before the fire in the front room
was uh the best uh time of my life
it's i suppose not great to learn
of the qualifications, but here and there
we are and is all wrapped and trying
to live through our filters. i don't know how
really but mine still allow love. it keeps coming
like a bat up a chimney a first date like
a zebra just walked in now wants
ta piss all over your floor
alien creature, forever now unknown
came out of this chimney with love
dead all around me in red strands
gotta swear one choked on one's own ass
so sad but the survival and everything
grates and then it steams up
your narrow garden, wide
garden, all that it is
forgiving, most unforgiving ever

just a little lights go out


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