Tuesday, November 10, 2015

if so how (Cézanne of Green Fables) ]now you're for it/

Don't throw the dog—Tibetan Buddhist monk
from Drepung monastery (speaking to Tashi Tsering,
alleged four year-old reincarnation
of the deceased high lama, Khensur Rinpoche. 1991)
... rich oil and wine into the earth slap—Aeschylus
For the love of God, have pity on yourself—Bob Dylan

(in sacrifice: S-A-C-C-A-D-E—3: Callas the elf,
2: Cézanne the woodcutter ... 1:
(add fool to the fire) fairies parallel in the offing the day
the music died 23/10 the day on which

there are fairies/fairies in the offing look how
if ever so how then not so how the distance
closes in light in light's rush (inlight he names the third
brush with the law names he the second in outlight
fury of love, his father-(died harmony)-in the off and only—what
I want to use by you says (he) died of harmony only for it

for it is a spirit smell not given

eighty-four days in the outwrites all over
its assay on Cézanne, paracelebrant
and vocative I, O, think that—may have been the south pole
or dipole but this
............................in your face it is now at moments after
it (what) is spring either that May not floruits its rill-
-its koanica not its the first he names
(the conscience of the town ... the ditch of truth
Victor Hugo)

and then he knew ...
......................that was [not] where he was going


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