Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Some strange claims have been made for the Greeks.

What nonsense that the Ancient Greeks created our ideas of physical beauty. We got that from when we were pre-human, and a strong, healthy body aided survival, just like we got 90% of our awareness of poisons and foodstuffs and danger from when we were pre-human.

Allow us the bigger time, you idiot specialists in the Greeks, who think all things are Greek things. To human consciousness human evolution is almost on the scale of geological time. You don't think of this, you people who look for beginnings rather than continuums and evolutionary arcs.

I promise you that ten thousand years before Mycenae the same forms attracted the same attention and evaluation in all cultures. When we see this today and like it today, we are not referencing the Kore or Kouros, but the far more ancient issues of health and survival. This is our wiring, and we did not acquire it as recently as three thousand years ago.

Almost all of human existence was spent as hunter-gatherers. Would anyone care to tell me what body-shapes were preferred, or even compatible with survival, for all of that time, if they were not the same as those which the Greeks (admittedly) venerated, but did not invent?

This is, after all, as always, the Sacred Way, the Hierá Hodóswhatever we think of it as we hike and bike through its blinding, now banal, chaos, now outlined with its adipose moped-mephitic kouroi. This is not at the end of the day; it is the onset of night. It ends as always at the tiny temple of Demeter, She who dwells in the seed. And don't forget she is and always has been a bee.


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