Monday, January 13, 2014

wormy as the copper bottom

found three boys rotted onshore
or half so as squids, half-human and one still fancy
oh you mary sailors
child from salty shadow she crieth
what then of you, child of herringbones
you severy purpoose and freet?
and the while the wavebirds in their keg-leg-longings
of pups and rots and if you swaiver
face up to a seven side-on, breaching
the son-keel we'll give you then, listen there
on watch, for we abaft
the fortitudes, the runnings, the most of all
the berm and discount at 45 no 35
the goodwin the shocks and socks
the layingdown and the timber below
in the floors and strings that hold
and all beside out-cocks the blow


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