Thursday, March 21, 2013


lay it wholly on small ices in preparation
let its motions cease
splay the members easily though with care
not to mark or damage the outer casing
it has no exact plastron or carapace
though proximal seams may be discerned
have a care for these for they may be easily split
to mar the appearance and quality
the first incision must be through the abdominal sea-wall
to reveal any eggs or splendifera
which must be removed whole
to be replaced later beyond the papering
apply therefore the luxator to break the fixations
or restraining ligaments that bind the genital core
to the aliment and sloop
lift it whole from the bedding
place it in the thoracic cavity: the glans
and intestes, the throat sickness and the urbane follicle
if any vivacity remains it will quickly fade now
as feathers fall from an exploding dove
these congruent diversions are vital
if the operation is to evoke the requisite peppery fluids
if the fields of slow armagnac night are to be elicited
from the brachial cogs and genitives
of the body-slick
now with a dream-snap fold in the limbs to the centre
covering in entirety the 'facial' area in forgiveness
capture them there with folds of brightness
and shattered ropes of culinary grade
do this with assertion and a sorte of nakednesse
brake here the entire organism with slow heat
until he effervesces with blue alacrity
in serving, crack the shell and pour as a solid liquid
into salvers or weighty crocks
as glass or otherwise lead

apply such ritual as is seemly
such is the preparation and the serving of the large shellfish

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