Thursday, May 03, 2012

pantoumbaric cunnilinguosh BLAST

the madbastad bear from the backyabyond
wanders in yeah a little dull hits the bar like
Davey sCrockett yeah upon that tree says set em up
the barkeep a little dull hits the bar from the backyabyond
slides one over a little dull the bar the bear 
the madbastad bear reaches out a little dull but hits
tears off his face the barkeep's face now a little dull
hits the bar like Davey sCrockett at the Alamo

I myself says the madbastad bear am a little dull
and require whisky if you mess with me you 
will die quicker than a advertised fuck on eBear
the moosefaces rush no hasten to supply
filling an feeling that if so there will be a trail
back to madbastadbearland, a trail of spreadcrumbs

of daveysprocketts deepdown oh think what
would you do confronted with only a tree
and a bar werner herzegovina made pictures 
of this of this of this all night the owls scratch
on the tiles the aisle tiles that awready pile

now uttly dulled

Davey raises the steaks
bowie nothing silver Colt

see I told ya
this is what
perfume machinery
the big bad


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