Monday, October 24, 2011

some things I meant to mention

in the trees near the river a duck with no bill
thwarted forever by a morsel of bread with which it would fill
a hit or more hits suddenly the Hyper-Lamarckian Moment [the HLM]
held up its duckmirror and gasped aloud
such a gasp as would disturb to its eyeteeth
every duck along that stretch like an electric bolt that crackled blue and purple
yea unto that duck stood aloud upward it did
some jumped off at the shock and some in the nearfield teeter
see one smaller duck bad of attitude and uncurled inside
into places came creeping quiet but frosted all over like dicing
alighted then and there at the door the deposits the shale
you baby he says you, baby—you baby
without a bill with you
I could live forever
the screen closes in it is all of frost and metasquawk
there's nothing you can't do with no bill
not now not out here
in the wider duckland


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