Friday, September 30, 2011

ice cream sinking in the reservoir

pain:ice cream:water:reach:primate:cheep
the descent of these chords
the clamour of grouse

a new man hits the street
a New Man
born in 1780 dressed almost as mollies
by parents who loved to inexcess tabac
he stumbles sudden all sudden of a sudden
in his southern den smoky as physic

why he cries why this is not religion it is
nothing more than the carrying of battlements
have I will of it none un-

-yet his mother his erstwhile and eggplant mother sidle
in his rear ear
oh oh aloud he shouteth how my mollyhood has challenges
my dandyweft was worked I confess
only now will I roost back in the rut

with such wild words and channels
he alights in the stead of his father
snugs there as chicks barely lofted

this, she whispers then: this, I meant


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