Tuesday, August 02, 2011

kings in whirling dust

no one believes a Lewton Bus forever
the boy who cried etc

all I remember is the elephant rearing
the man on horseback rearing
it seems like Vietnam

the Foreign Legion trapped
and will never surrender

but back then how anyone could be heard
I can't imagine
this is how Harold blew it
after almost winning
the boys got over-excited and chased the Normans
down the slight decline to the end of everything

glaucoma: what does the coma mean?

I have advertised my jetski
on the bipolar support forum
it's that time of the month
I needed a laugh

the mist, the dust, the sand, the chaos
these are well done
the Persians have long curly beards
like Babylonians

staggering drunk from a London hairdresser
in 1970

camp life does this

she won't call to apologise
she doesn't

the boys coming in bloody and stinking
you are their reward

oh what biceps from the life, the sheer life

everyone was insane throughout history
almost everyone was an alcoholic
with ongoing traumatic stress dis

order of the order of a gas attack

lodging in the womb such joy


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