Sunday, July 10, 2011

raising sails in the east badger

the fearsome saint puts the gun barrel
in the mouth of the winged horse

[it takes two poets at least to make one whole human]

what is 'target practice'?
what is 'a culvert'?
can you play Golf at night with infra-red balls?

what is that makes the toilet water blue?

I encountered bottled toilet water in Austria
at the age of twelve
could not understand why it was so coveted
and highly priced

this is an untidy landscape.the gritstone sparkles with quartz.
rosebay willowherb and ragwort grow from the cracks.ferns
uncoil golden arcs of prehistory.but this is already tinted
already disastrous to unmeaning.better only to look and say nothing.

the blurb says that Ed Harris says that Lee Krasner
says that Jackson says

jackson i goin to jackson

where de elphunts
run clockwok on a cold day place your back
to the fret you find the calamity always comin
from the groin east of reason

trunkful of 8000 mussels crawling snout

come back to life come back

all night she talks of badgers their huge
bearlike behinds cold on the road
after the school-run

all i need to know to be sure
do you know, like


i got doubts

for even blind babies smile


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